No fragrances, coloring agents, viscosity stabilizers or preservatives are added to MAGOROKU SKIN OIL. This natural oil made from purified high-quality horse fat protects your skin from drying, flecks and age-spots.

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High purity horse oil is deodorized and decolorized and the comfortable texture leaves no greasy feel on your skin. Ideal for elderly and infant care.

Horse oil + Vegetable extract (peach leaf,loquat leaf and aloe) + Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract protect your skin from dryness.
MAGOROKU is a natural oil that is kind to the skin. Made from purified high-quality horse fat.
This skin oil rich in gentle,natural ingredients is ideal for babies,the elderly and people with delicate and sensitive skin.
· Prevents rough skin and gives skin moisture.
· Keeps skin healthy.
· Prevents flecks and age-spots caused by sunburn.
· Protects skin and prevents it from drying.


Feel the superb permeability of horse oil with MAGOROKU.

Oil extracted from high-quality horse fat is refined and further purified by removing odor and color. Herbs,fruits and seaweeds fermented by lactic acid bacteria,aloe extract,loquat leaf extract and peach leaf extract are added as moisturizing agents. Natural oil that is kind to your skin with no fragrances,coloring agents,fillers or viscosity stabilizers. Easily spreads on your skin without leaving behind a greasy feel. Feel the superb permeability of horse oil with MAGOROKU.

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  • I use MAGOROKU on my entire body. I cannot live without it.
  • I also use MAGOROKU on my hair. I squeeze out a small amount on my palm and then gently spread it on my hair. The shine comes back.
  • After applying a plenty of MAGOROKU on my hands,I put on cotton gloves and sleep. My irritated fingertips are filled with moisture by the next morning.

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· Horse oil   · Aloe (Aloe arborescens ) extract-2
· Fermented extract (mixed vegetable / brown sugar)   · Eriobotrya japonica leaf extract
· Octyldodecanol   · Prunus persica (peach) leaf extract
· Stearyl glycyrrhetinate   · Squalane


Since this product uses no viscosity stabilizer,it may become solid,creamy or liquid according to the temperature. However this does not affect its quality.

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